Scuba Diving at Kurumba Maldives

I seriously think I’ve found my calling. Scuba diving is by far my favourite hobby that I’ve ever given a go. This was my first-ever experience diving and I’ve always been obsessed with the ocean so I was super excited about doing this. We began the day by heading down to the water-sports center, where we watched a 20-minute long video that outlined the basic hand signals and the general basis for a first-time diver. Afterwards, we changed into our wetsuits and headed to the lagoon for a little bit of practice using our regulators to breathe whilst submerged underwater. This is when I began to get really excited. After 10 minutes we headed straight to the ocean to explore the depths of one of Kurumba’s house reefs. I literally felt like a merman and I came across so many fish that I never knew existed. I also came very close to a moray eel, which I wasn’t aware were quite dangerous if you mess with them. I even came across a beautiful turtle that swam right into the middle of the instructor and I and just hovered there for a few minutes before he decided to make his way. Unfortunately I didn’t catch any footage of the turtle but below are some images of my beautiful experience.

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