CRYO Therapy


I’ve been seeing so many people going for CRYO for about a year now and I never understood what it was or how it worked so I decided to give it a try myself. CRYO is a health and beauty therapy relatively new to main-stream culture, that uses liquid nitrogen at sub-zero temperatures. Its goal is to decrease cell growth and reproduction, increase cellular survival, decrease inflammation, decrease pain and promote the constriction of blood vessels. I’m definitely more interested in this type of therapy as it’s said to decrease inflammation so it’s great after a tough workout to supplement your recovery. Although this time, I opted for the cryofacial, I’ll soon be reviewing the full-body cryotherapy chamber.


This facial lasted for 45 minutes in total. We began with a gentle exfoliation, which was coupled with a soothing facial massage and then we moved onto using a green tea face mask that is used to inhibit excess oil production in your skin (my skin is naturally very oily). After the mask was applied, I had a pair of light-banning goggles placed over my eyes and then an infrared light turned on above me – this part only lasted about 20 minutes.

img_5474 img_5485 The last part was after the green tea mask had been removed and the liquid nitrogen was sprayed all over my face for around 10 minutes. This was very cool and soothing, I immediately felt that my skin was softer and firmer and I could feel my pores tightening after a refreshing cleanse. If you’re looking for an alternative facial and you find that the effects of CRYO may benefit your health, get in touch with the CRYO spa, Emirates Towers – +971 4 351 8300