ColorBlend Makeup // Contour Pallet

BeFunky Collage

After being sent this contour kit, I felt a little bit skeptical as to whether it would really exaggerate the contours in my face due to my beard. However, after watching a few contouring tutorials, I learned that it isn’t just the hollows of the cheeks that are deepened, but the nose, the arches of the eyes and the forehead, too. Even with my beard, the hollows of cheeks are still given much more of a shadow. ColorBlend is definitely a contour kit that I’ll be using again when it comes to shoots and things of the sort.

I have attempted contouring before with a cream palette and to be honest, I was seriously unhappy with the result as I felt that my face was given an extremely ‘cakey’ kind of look, which I feel doesn’t look so obvious on a girl who is matching that contour with foundation, blush and any other eye/lip makeup. I needed something subtle that still made me look as if I had human skin. The fact that the pallet features a shadowing shade that is made from a gray base was what I found most attractive about this product. Pair that with the fact that it’s a powder and you’ve got me hooked. Super easy to blend, which you might have guessed with the name.

I discovered that this palette is gender-versatile – if you’re a girl and you need some powder to set your cream contour, then this palette is for you, and if you’re a guy and you’d like to exemplify the angles in your face, you can do so in such a subtle way. All shades can be removed and replaced once they’ve been finished, which is a great way that ColorBlend brings efficiency and sustainability to your contouring routine. I also used the contouring shade as an eyebrow/beard powder which really boldens my facial hair, and let’s be honest, what guy doesn’t want that? If you’re already a makeup pro, you can also use this palette for strobing and baking, but I won’t get ahead of myself and act like I’d know how to do that.

I’d recommend this to anyone from beginner to professional. This pallet is the first of it’s kind that I’ve come across that makes contouring seem a breeze. My pallet is in medium/dark but you can either get the same or light/medium from ColorBlend for ¬£30.