Saint Laurent SL1 // PRETAVOIR



Pret A Voir is an online destination that provides a milliard of styles when it comes to sunglasses. From Adidas to Yves Saint Laurent, you’re going to find a pair that you love here. The pair I selected were the Saint Laurent SL1 model that are quite similar to the Céline ZZ Top that are constantly seen on Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. After receiving this pair I came to learn that they’re a favourite to the Kardashian/Jenner klan, too. These shades don’t only look super high quality, they feel incredible as well. They’re a little heavier than you’d expect, but that’s probably one of my favourite things about them. I’ve always wanted a pair of the ZZ Tops although I was never sure if the straight-lined bridge of the frame would suit my face so I decided to opt for these, which feature a little more curvature in comparison to the Céline model. I’m pleased to say that Pret A Voir treat their customers so kindly. The delivery only took a day (to London) and the packaging they arrived in is really tasteful. If you’d like your own pair of these or any pair of sunglasses I highly recommend you check out their site here and go for a browse.

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