Puma Fierce


I want to start this post off by thanking Puma for this collaboration, I genuinely believe in this product and I’m proud to be sharing it with you guys. You’ve probably seen Kylie Jenner wearing these as she was the brand ambassador who sponsored this collection of sneakers. Just to clarify – I know these shoes are marketed as women’s shoes but a title has never stopped me from finding amazing pieces that are synonymous with my style. The Fierce collection by Puma features a variation of Rihanna’s Fenty sneakers, only with a shorter tongue and back. I selected three out of the four colours to have as my own, they also have a red pair but I prefer keeping my shoes monotone. I absolutely love these sneakers for literally everything I do, especially training. They are super light weight and only take a second to slip on and off. If you’re interested in Puma’s Fierce collection, you can get your own pair here for £70.

IMG_2739 IMG_2816 IMG_2847