CooKoo // Healthy Home-Cooked Food


Since I’ve begun to follow a vegan diet, I’ve developed an incredible relationship with food. CooKoo is a fairly new food delivery service that take pride in providing nutritious home-cooked food. it was created by two women, Joanne Thompson and Rachel Swidenbank this January. Each day they make a variety of three different options and they always include a vegan, if not vegetarian option. You can choose from a selection of dishes before 6pm, and select a delivery time between 5pm – 8pm (London only). In addition to evening meals, Cookoo offers a selection of side dishes, breakfast options and healthy snacks.

They have a network of passionate chefs, who design and cook different meals every day, always using fresh ingredients. My meal arrived chilled and all of their meals are packaged using recyclable materials. Each delivery is accompanied by nutritional information and full heating instructions for both oven and microwave.

The best thing about this company is that their surplus food is donated to local homeless shelters, so that they waste no food and are also extremely kind.

I had the Roasted Vegetable Tart with feta and roasted walnuts and the Blueberry Chia Pudding as a dessert.

I really loved the vegetable tart and just removed the feta to make it a vegan option. It had aubergine, zuchinni, red onions, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, oregano and salad leaves. Super nutritious and it had a lot of different textures and flavours.

The chia pudding is something I usually make at home -it’s made from chia seeds soaked in almond milk and then sweetened with honey and cinnamon. Topped off with some blueberries. I love chia puddings mixed with berries.


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