Armani/Privé Oud Royal


I’ve had my eyes on the Armani/Privé oud collection for a while now and I fell in love with the Oud Royal scent since the day that I first smelled the Mille et une Nuits collection. It’s a good hard ‘traditional’ oud that’s been mixed with light rose, which preserves some of its uniqueness despite the fact that it’s been softened up for the western market. I’d recommend this fragrance to you if  you’re looking for a stripped down oud fragrance without too many other distracting notes. It’s a deep, warm and spicy elixir of agar wood, which I’ve found to be very popular in the in the Middle East.

It’s longevity at even 6 hours is very impressive – this is what I love the most about this fragrance as it’s so difficult to find one that lasts long.

The Mille et une Nuits collection is available in Selfridges and Harrods for £190 if you’re in the UK and pretty much every fragrance store in the Middle East.