Soil Store


At the end of December when I returned to Dubai I learned of a new place that delivers great whole-foods to anyone’s doorsteps within the UAE. I came across a few products, which I noticed I could incorporate into some recipes that I’d been looking at lately. I tried out all the plant-based milks as I’m obsessed with them. I’ve seen RUDE HEALTH products in almost every whole-food store that I’ve been in, even in the UK so I thought I might as-well give them all a try. I love granola, even though I don’t eat anything up until at least 12pm every day, coconut & chia granola is a delicious and nutritious way to break my fast.

Lastly, great sources of protein and my much preferred go-to when it comes to grains are the red and white quinoa. They can be used in salads, desserts and even to create the foundation of a veggie burger. The baked coconut chips are a new discovery for me but I look forward to being able to use them as garnishes and I won’t lie – I have tried a few of them and they’re absolutely delicious by themselves.

To try out some of Soil Store’s products, check out their website and follow their Instagram to get fresh whole-foods delivered to your own doorstep.
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