Planet Organic // Organic Essentials

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I’ve recently made the decision to stop eating meat to better my health and being. Meat contains a lot of iron, which I was regularly consuming when I ate meat and I wanted to find some healthy alternatives that are high in iron and delicious too. Planet Organic is a whole-food store in Islington that I ordered all of the above from.

The Organic Cacao powder is high in magnesium, fibre and zinc and I love pure cacao as it’s great to use when baking. The Spirulina Powder is something I’m new to, I recently read an article that spirulina may be the healthiest food on the planet. So I add a teaspoon or two to a meal or drink each day. Chia seeds form a thick gel when soaked in liquid so they’re great for chocolate mousse and many other dairy-free desserts. Coconut oil has always been a staple in my kitchen cupboards – I use it to cook anything and everything. And lastly, the Lucuma Hot Chocolate, which is also new tastes incredible. It’s ingredients are banana powder, cacao powder and lucuma fruit powder.


Cacao Powder 454g £12.99 

Spirulina Powder 350g £14.99

Ground Chia Seeds 397g £7.99

Coconut Oil 1000ml   £22

Lucuma Hot Chocolate 180g £6.60