Pole Fit Dubai // Body Flex Class


I’ve been taking pole classes for a while now but sadly haven’t been able to commit as much time as I’d like in to pole fitness. Since returning to Dubai I’ve been able to attend Pole Fit Dubai’s Body Flex classes. I was extremely skeptical when I thought of taking part in a class that focused on front splits, box splits and back bends. I’ve dipped in to yoga here and there but nothing too serious and have learned that flexibility is a crucial component to overall physical health.

The Body Flex classes alternate between the three main contortions listed above. Co-Owner of Pole Fit Dubai, Michelle Qubrosi first invited me to her front splits class that she was teaching. First we started with a 30-minute warm up, where we’d warmed up all the major muscle groups from our necks right down to our toes. I will admit I was already sweating before we had even moved on to the main stretching element of the class. But I always say once you’re sweating, you know you’re working hard enough. We then moved on to multiple varied poses where we stretched our outer thighs, inner thighs and hamstrings.

I won’t lie and say it was all easy. Pushing your muscles further than what you thought was your limit can be painful but I definitely found it far more rewarding once I achieved contortions I really didn’t believe I could. Michelle is one of those trainers that really doesn’t mess around but creates an extremely light-hearted, friendly and fun atmosphere for everyone in the class – You can tell that she recognises your potential before you even know it’s there. She’ll provide you with the tools to learn the proper and safe techniques to effectively facilitate taking your flexibility to the next level.

I’d unquestionably state that the body flex class is an intense full body workout. So if you’re more interested in a stretching class that’s a little bit more passive, I’d suggest you try out their yoga class. I sadly didn’t achieve a full front split on my first day but I definitely got very close, which only impels me to improve and achieve a full extension. My next class is focused on box splits, which I’m more excited about than nervous after experiencing the front splits class. Wish me luck!

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Pricing for Body Flex classes

Single class: AED 75 (£13)

Package for 2 classes per week: AED 550 (£95)

Package for 3 classes per week: AED 700 (£120)

Package for 10 classes (valid for 3 months): AED 700 (£120)