Pole Fit Dubai // Body Flex Class


After attending one of Pole Fit Dubai’s Body Flex classes where we focused on front splits, I was easily persuaded to come back again to then focus on box splits.

The class consisted of the same structure to the front splits class, only including different stretches, which allowed me to achieve a the extent of a box split shown above. I absolutely love the body flex classes and cannot wait to come to the back-bending class. For the full review on Body Flex Classes at Pole Fit Dubai, click here.

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Pricing for Body Flex classes

Single class: AED 75 (£13)

Package for 2 classes per week: AED 550 (£95)

Package for 3 classes per week: AED 700 (£120)

Package for 10 classes (valid for 3 months): AED 700 (£120)